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Our expert house washing and gutter cleaning team are fully trained and experienced to wash all kinds of buildings, identifying weaknesses in weather tightness and material performance as part of the whole house washing services we provide including gutter cleaning. We are committed to not simply “washing and leaving.”

We take a close look at the external house carefully before proceeding with a house wash and have cleaning solutions for every component of your building. We pride ourselves in a great job done and washing services that leave your property looking its best and performing its best, too.

Our products are environmentally friendly, meaning our house washing products are 100% natural, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Green service and quality finishes – every time.



We have the capabilities to take care of all exterior cleaning from clearing blocked gutters and downpipes to repairing leaks and installing new guttering systems.


Fascias are architectural components, so before any house washing takes place we will inspect them to ensure no urgent repairs are required.


Eaves are the part of the roof that hangs out over the walls to provide shade and weather protection to the outside of your house to keep your materials protected.

Roof Junctions

We will check all lower roof to wall connections before conducting the house wash and any other job.


Ensure your cladding is free from moss, mould, or any further contaminants that could cause your cladding and or coatings to prematurely fail or break down. We also ensure the cladding does not have cracks or defects and catch small repairs before they become costly or extensive.


We make sure that your joinery/glazing seals and joinery-cladding junctions and sealant are performing as required to ensure weathertight junction before house washing commences.

The Prevent Difference

We Are Meadowbank's Exterior Maintenance & House Washing Specialists.

With in-depth training and knowledge in all aspects of building material performance and weathertight identification, “we don’t just wash and leave”!

Prevent offers a comforting solution to ensure that homeowners are protected at all times with a specialist building washing and inspection service to suit your homes design and building materials.

We also wash and service any commercial building in Meadowbank to professional standards so your workplace looks fantastic all year around.

We Are Committed To Providing Eco-Friendly House Washing Services In Meadowbank

Our house washing services and products are 100% natural and made from plants and minerals – meaning your Meadowbank house wash won’t be damaging the surrounding environment.

We also utilise, wherever possible, recycled clean water for our house washing process so that there is less waste involved in our house wash cleaning services.


We are a complete exterior specialist and are able to provide all necessary services to get your home washed, maintained or repaired to ensure that your biggest asset is protected. Regular house washing prevents the potentially damaging build-up of materials on your Auckland property, keeping it in better condition for longer.

Putting off house washing or regular roof cleaning means it won’t be inspected regularly either, inviting problems from weather damage and water tightness issues.

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We take the stress away from homeowners with our automated yearly home exterior servicing solution to keep your property maintained and investment protected. Our automatic house washing services cover all bases of your property including your essential gutter cleaning, so it’s one more job you don’t have to worry about.


Our trained specialists have the capabilities to handle any exterior requirements that your home needs.

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Prevent was established by one of the leading leaky home repair companies in Auckland. Our Meadowbank house wash services provide more than a wash and leave, we are your specialist house washing company that goes beyond just a wash and leave!

We make sure your property benefits from a thorough, expert house wash service that doesn’t cut corners or leave damage behind!

We properly inspect your property before beginning to make sure that our house wash service leaves your Meadowbank property spotless, properly repaired and inspected for weather tightness to maintain your property’s good condition for years to come.


Our house wash services include the process of clearing away foreign objects, dirt and grime during the exterior cleaning process. We remove cobwebs and clean the outside of guttering, barge board, flashings, all exterior cladding, gables, window exteriors, exterior paint and framework.

Keeping on top of your exterior cleaning prolongs your property’s lifespan. Through regular house wash and maintenance services, we can detect damage early to be able to fix it, maintain and uphold your exterior paint warranties, as well as keep the property looking great.

Absolutely. Our house wash services in Meadowbank uses eco-friendly house washing products and processes. This natural house wash still performs and delivers quality results. It cuts through dirt, grease and stubborn grime just the same, if not better, than chemical house wash cleaners.

We are incredibly conscious of unnecessary water wastage in Meadowbank, especially during the summer seasons where water restrictions are in place.

Wherever possible, we use clean recycled water from hospitality premises like motels, hotels and environmentally-conscious hotels. We reuse the final rinse water that was used in cleaning linen in commercial buildings with eco-friendly products in a partnership that allows both of our industries to be less wasteful.

The water from this final rinse process is diverted and stored, we pick it up in our purpose-made 2000lt house washing services trailer, and it’s used in our house washing services.

Not at all. Our exterior cleaning processes and products are gentle enough that they will not hurt any outdoor furniture if any of the water or product sprays should land on them, and the soil and plants can even benefit from the extra nutrients in our eco-friendly washing products.

Eventually, yes, but we make sure it is safe to do so by the time that it does. Before we begin washing a Meadowbank house, we inspect the property and what needs to be cleaned first. If there is light to medium organic dirt and debris on the home, it is safe to be washed straight into the Meadowbank storm system.

If the debris is particularly heavy, contains paint flakes and other non-eco-friendly matter, we will block the storm drains off first before beginning so that we can filter the non-eco matter out of the dirty water before allowing it to run into the Meadowbank stormwater system.

No, in fact, if you read the terms and conditions of your paint warranties – particularly from companies like Resene, Wattyl and Dulux, you will find that they require a recorded annual Meadowbank house washing in order to maintain the valid manufacturer’s warranty.

We provide these services to adhere to those warranties! Our Meadowbank house washing process and products are approved by all the markets leading paint manufacturers to keep your warranty valid.

Our experts come from lengthy experience dealing with weather tightness in homes. Weather tightness just means that all points of your home are safe from the external elements and the inside of your home is dry and stays dry.

If there is weakness in your exterior cladding or other points of construction, then your home is at risk of weather damage and possibly leaky home syndrome.