Exterior Maintenance Specialists

Keep your home protected at all times with a specialist wash down and inspection service from the building material performance and weathertight identification experts.


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The Prevent Difference

Your home is usually your largest asset and yet somehow always gets put at the bottom of the list for maintenance.

Unfortunately the majority of homeowners are in the dark with what is required to keep their cladding & exterior coatings in top condition, not to mention the requirements and recommendations from the manufacturers for warranty purposes.

Prevent offers a comforting solution to ensure that home owners are protected at all times with a specialist wash down and inspection service to suit your homes design and building materials.



house & building washing

Building Washing

We inspect the building carefully and have cleaning solutions for every component of your property so that you’re sure to get the best and most comprehensive building washing services available in Auckland.

House Washing

Our maintenance specialists are trained in all aspects of building material performance and weathertight identification – “we don’t just wash and leave”.

Exterior Residential Maintenance Auckland

Making Sure Your Home
Is Maintained In SIX Simple Steps


make a booking

Talk to our prevent home exterior specialists to schedule in a time of your choice to book your washdown and assessment service.


The Washdown

We will conduct a full washdown of your property including all exterior surfaces from top to bottom and gutter cleaning and more.


the assessment

At the time of a washdown our specialists will also conduct a thorough 25 point inspection to identify any areas of concern and will also speak with you regarding any immediate maintenance required.


the action points

At the time of the assessment our team will provide you with any urgent maintenance requirements and a plan to fix these.


the yearly checkups

Once your maintenance has been logged in, you will get yearly reminders from our system to ensure that your home is protected, maintained and ensured longevity.


long term maintenance

The team at Prevent is able to organise long term maintenance plans and budgets specific to your property. Our experts can handle anything from single level dwellings to large complexes.


gutter maintenance, repairs & replacement

GUTTER Cleaning

Our property maintenance experts make a point of not doing a half-baked job on any of our maintenance services and will gladly take that responsibility off of your shoulders.


When you need quality gutter repairs in Auckland, you can count on Prevent to provide quality services, expert advice and the best gutter repair solutions.


When your gutters wear out, get multiple leaks and stop drawing water away from your property efficiently enough, it’s time to replace them altogether.

Gutter Repairs Auckland prevent maintenance


Manufacturers Coatings Warranty

Most coating manufacturers such as Resene, Wattyl, Dulux to name a few, require an annual recorded wash down to maintain a valid manufacturer’s warranty. Our wash process and products are approved by all the markets leading paint manufactures to keep your warranty valid.


leaky building & weathertightness
reports & assessments


Leaky homes are not great sellers, as Auckland buyers are wisened up to weathertightness issues now and will avoid buying a leaky home if they can help it.

weathertight report

Weathertightness is crucially important for your property to fall prey to unavoidable and expensive water, mould and mildew damage. You can get your property fully inspected and get your own weathertightness report from the Prevent specialists.

weathertighness assessments

We will do a thorough analysis of your property and inspect it for any weathertightness weaknesses and deliver a comprehensive assessment back to you to decide what to do with it.

the prevent Specific maintenance Check services

25 Point Check

Our trained technicians will take the exterior of your home through a rigorous 25 point check list, ensuring your largest asset is protected for years to come.

House Wash

To ensure that your house is in tip top shape and free of any mold or contaminants or debris that could affect the homes product warranties of performance.

Auto Check Ups

Our automated system makes it easy for our customers by notifying them for their next house maintenance service according to the homes individual requirements.

Repair Services

From carpentry right through to getting your insulation sorted, we will also provide any other services that are required to keep your home performing as it should.

House Exterior Maintenance Specialists

Founded by one of New Zealand’s leading weather tightness companies, Prevent was created for the Kiwi home owner’s peace of mind.

We exist to ensure that your biggest asset is maintained and protected in order to avoid costly repairs in the future.

All of our technicians are trained in the identification of weather tight performance.

Regular maintenance by professionals will save costly repairs in the future and most importantly provide peace of mind.


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Exterior Plaster Home Repairs & Maintenance Experts

Our maintenance specialists are trained in all aspects of building material performance and weathertight identification “we don’t just wash and leave”.