Leaky Building Report Service in Auckland

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Avoid the Stress of a Damaged Home in Auckland With an Expert Leaky Home Report

Weathertightness is crucially important for your property to fall prey to unavoidable and expensive water, mould and mildew damage. You can get your property fully inspected and get your own leaky building report from the Auckland specialists.

Coming from many years of experience handling leaky homes, Prevent are the team you want on your side to protect your biggest asset. Having to fix a leaky home can be trying, devastating and incredibly expensive – so you want to make sure that your property isn’t susceptible to it.

We will do an analysis of your property and report back to you with a summary of any obvious signs of leaky damage to the exterior of the building. We can repair any leaky home issues expertly to avoid any further damage if some has already occurred, and prevent it from getting worse.

Leaky homes are not great sellers, as Auckland buyers are wisened up to weathertightness issues now and will avoid buying a risky leaky home if they can help it. 

Auckland Leaky Building Awareness

Know exactly the state of your current weathertightness for your Auckland property with an in-depth assessment.

Leaky Building Experts on the Job

Prevent was born from one of the leading leaky house repair companies in Auckland, so our team has had many years of experience handling weathertightness and making sure homes are protected

Raise the Value of Your Home

Fixing any weathertightness problems with your property will definitely add value to it. Being able to present an up to date service history will make your Auckland property all the more valuable to buyers.

Detect Damage Early

Having a leaky building report conducted on your Auckland home will detect any potential damage to the foundations, roofs, cladding, inner cavities and other areas so that they can be repaired and made weathertight against future weather invasion. If left, mould, mildew and very expensive damage can befall a property - so detect the damage early!

Guttering Services

Some leaky home issues are made all the worse by having an ineffective guttering system. We offer expert gutter cleaning, replacement and repair services to make sure rainwater is being properly drawn away from your property and not pooling anywhere, causing damage to your building.

Regular Gutter Maintenance

We make sure your gutters are working efficiently at all times, allowing water to drain away from the home to protect the soundness of your roof and exterior walls. Our easy maintenance services keep a small problem from growing into a large and expensive one.

The Prevent Difference

We are Auckland's weathertight identification experts

With in-depth knowledge in all aspects of building material performance and weathertight identification, “we don’t just wash and leave” or repair anything until we ascertain that your property is, in fact, properly weathertight. Prevent offers a comforting solution to ensure that property owners are protected at all times with a thorough leaky building report service for your Auckland home with solutions to repair and prevent any weather-related damage.

We are dedicated to providing quality leaky building assesments

We refuse to leave a stone unturned when we check your property’s soundness against the natural elements. A single leak somewhere can lead to water pooling, expanding and damaging your interior and exterior walls or foundations. As you can imagine, that size of damage is a pretty big job to sort out – and will cost you a pretty penny. Don’t let a little leak turn into a flood of problems by getting an up to date leaky building report on your Auckland building – big or small.

exterior repairs & maintenance

We are a complete exterior specialist and are able to provide all necessary services to get your home washed, maintained or repaired to ensure that your biggest asset is protected. Regular house washing and gutter cleaning prevent the potentially damaging build-up of materials on your Auckland property, keeping it in better condition for longer.
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Exterior Maintenance

We take the stress away from property owners with our automated yearly home exterior servicing solution to keep your property maintained and investment protected.

Exterior Repair

Our trained specialist have the capabilities to handle any exterior requirements that your home needs.
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Looking For A Leaky Building Report in Auckland?

Born from one of the leading leaky home repair companies in Auckland, we don’t do anything by halves when it comes to your property’s protection system against wet weather. Not only do we offer specialist leaky home reports, but we also are your specialist gutter cleaning and exterior property maintenance company that goes beyond just a wash and leave!

We make sure your property benefits from thorough, expert exterior repair and cleaning services that don’t cut corners or leave damage behind! We properly inspect your gutters, materials and weathertightness before beginning to make sure that our products and services leave your Auckland property properly repaired and your gutter systems working the way they should be.


Weathertightness refers to the resistance against the elements, keeping a building completely waterproof and undamaged from wet weather.

In New Zealand, particularly, weathertightness (otherwise known as “leaky building syndrome”) is a massive issue due to the previous widespread popularity of Mediterranean style builds that were not very well built and suffered major water damage, which is very costly to fix if left undiagnosed. Leaky buildings can not fix themselves!

Yes! Our house washing and gutter cleaning services in Auckland use environmentally conscious house washing products like our Green Earth House Wash.

This natural house wash cuts through stubborn grime, dirt and grease just as well, if not better than chemical cleaners.

The Green Earth house washing product is carefully formulated to quickly penetrate, emulsify and remove light to medium dirt debris.

Being made from natural plants and minerals, the Green Earth house wash leaves behind no chemical fumes or residue! It’s our proudly 100% natural house washing solution!

In the ’90s and early 2000s, a monolithic and Meditteranean style of home build became hugely popular in NZ.

While these homes looked streamlined and modern for the time, they were built poorly, not suitable for New Zealand’s wet weather, and they were built EVERYWHERE and in vast numbers. Untreated timber began to rot away in the weather and make the properties structurally unsound, as well as unsafe for people to live in due to the damp cladding growing huge amounts of mould and mildew.

The scandal that broke out about New Zealand’s leaky home problem devastated many homeowners as the cost to fix the home’s condition often cost more than the initial purchase did as the damage was already done. Leaky building reports in Auckland are pretty much standard now if you want to buy or sell a property.

Nope! Our gutter cleaning products are gentle enough that they will not harm any outdoor furniture if any of the water or product sprays should land on them, and the soil and plants can even benefit from the extra nutrients in our eco-friendly Green Earth washing products!

Eventually, yes, the water will be sent down the stormwater drain. But we make sure it is safe to do so! Before we begin cleaning out your gutters, we inspect them and see how much build-up is in there. If there is light to medium organic dirt and debris in the gutters, it is safe to be washed straight into the storm system.

If the debris is particularly heavy, contains paint flakes and other non-eco-friendly matter, we will block the storm drains off first before beginning so that we can filter the non-eco matter out of the dirty water before allowing it to run into the stormwater system.

Our experts come from lengthy experience dealing with weathertightness in homes and can safely say that making sure your home isn’t a leaky one should be on the top of your property maintenance list.

Weather tightness just means that all points of your home are safe from the external elements, and the inside of your home is dry and stays dry.

Before we begin any kind of cleaning service, we need to check that spraying water and products onto your home is not going to seep through any cracks in the weather tightness.

If there is weakness in your exterior cladding or other points of construction, then your home is at risk of weather damage and water damage from being washed, or gutters cleaned. This is called having a leaky home, and you will benefit from a leaky home building report to check the status of the current and potential damage.