Long Term Maintenance Plan

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Maintenance Plans & LTMP (Long Term Maintenance Plan)

Nothing on a home is ever maintenance-free, especially when it comes to the exterior durability and product performance required to keep your home or building weathertight.

Years of experience in the weathertight industry have shown us that Kiwis are not particularly good at maintenance planning for our buildings until it is too late. Leaving it late means it becomes an expensive repair.

A Long Term Maintenance plan is a necessity for NZ homes and buildings.

Regular Wash Program: This will clean all contaminants from components and surfaces to allow continued performance and drying. This wash program will also help avoid premature degradation of paint coatings, sealed silicon joints around joinery, flashings and roofs.

Because we understand the different components of any home or building, we will develop an LTMP (Long Term Maintenance Plan) specifically for your home or building, based on its specific condition, design, products and materials.

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Maintenance Budgets

We can also develop a specific maintenance plan that is budget-based on the recommended maintenance plan. This way, you can budget for the expenses well ahead of time. The maintenance budget plan can include everything from the next paint cycle required, roof replacement or even something as simple as silicon sealants needing replacement.


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